Also known as the Whisperian Traingle, the crystals belong to Icy, Darcy and Stormy. In season 1 they are shown to be the way to unleash their full power especially when the crystals were used to steal the dragon fire from Bloom and then were used to create the Army of Decay which is the first huge problem to face magix (in the Winx Club series). The Whisperian sole purpose is to find and store basically any known (or possibly even unknown) powers, magic and life force in the magical universe and that is how they had the ability to temporarily steal the most powerful source of magic in the world, the dragon fire/flame. It has been rumored that the Whisperian Crystals once belonged to the Trix's ancestors otherwise known as the Ancestral witches, but this theory has not been confirmed. Each of the Trix's crystals are difference in appearance but they all hold the same purpose. Icy's resembles an ice crystal which is a light blue and is divided into 2 sections - a small ice crystal at the top and a large one on the bottom. Darcy's is purple and is also sectioned off into 2 parts the top being similar to Icy's and the bottom almost resembling the shape of a sphere. Stormy's is pink and is split into 3 secontions the top is also similar to Icy and Darcy, the second part is the of a small sphere and the bottom looks like an almost half diamond. Each of the Trix's crystals is sorrounded by a swirl of some type of magic - which is the same colour as each of their crystals. When the Whisperian Crystals are summoned they form a triangle and each of the crystals are linked together by a pink electric looking magic forming the 3 points on a triangle.

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