Truth or Dare is the 12th episode of Season 2 of Winx Club, and the 38th episode overall. It was preceded by Homesick and followed by Gangs of Gardenia.


Faragonda tells the fairies about Convergence, where they combine their powers into one. The closer the fairies involved are to each other, the more powerful the Convergence will be. Bloom and Stella pair up to practice Convergence. Musa wants to pair up with Layla, but Layla says she (Layla) isn't any good with friendship or Convergence. A boy named Jared is set up by Stella on a date with Musa, but she doesn't want to go out with him, as she is in love with Riven, so he decides to interview her instead.

It's Darcy's birthday, and she wants to wreak havoc at Alfea as a birthday present, which Darkar approves.

For Convergence, Flora and Tecna pair up, but all the pairs have trouble with Convergence. Faragonda tells the Winx that they will go into the magical reality chamber for a Convergence test, reminding them that Convergence requires friendship and harmony. When Stella suggests a sleepover to tell their best friendship stories, Layla runs off. Musa runs after her and she says that she can't go to the sleepover because she hasn't had a friend in a long time. Musa says she took time adjusting to it too, and when Bloom appears, Layla decides that she will go to the sleepover.

Darcy gives Jared a necklace with a dark crystal, which puts him under her spell. He sabotages the simulator.

At the sleepover, for truth or dare Stella asks Musa if she has a crush on Jared, which she is unable to answer.

Faragonda sends the Winx into the simulator for their Convergence test. Due to Jared's sabotage it takes them to the realm of Grim. Palladium sends an exit code into the simulator. Darcy's image appears, and a monster eats the exit code. The Winx attack the monster, but it is unaffected. Faragonda discovers that Jared was hypnotized to sabotage the simulator, and captures him. The Winx use Convergence, combining their powers to create a creature, which attacks the monster, breaking Darcy's spell on Jared. The creature takes the exit code from the monster, and the Winx use it to escape the simulator.

Musa and Jared will still be friends, and the Winx stand in a circle and put their hands together in a symbol of their friendship, Stella pulling Layla into the circle with the others.


  • The fairies begin using Convergence