Trouble in Paradise is the 21st episode of Season 2 of Winx Club, and the 47th episode overall. It was preceded by The First Charmix and followed by Last Resorts.


The Winx and specialists are on the beach of the Resort Realm.

With all four codexes in his possession, Lord Darkar tries to open the portal to the Realix dimension to obtain the ultimate power, but it doesn't work. Darkar says shadow fire on his own isn't enough; as it takes both dark and light to open the portal, Darkar needs the dragon fire. He finds that the Winx are at the Resort Realm, and sends the Trix to bring Bloom to him, mentioning that their Gloomix is powerful enough to enable them to cast spells in the Resort Realm. Upon arrival, Darcy casts a spell on the monsters of the realm and tells them to capture Bloom and destroy the others.

When the Winx are making postcards to send to their parents, and Layla suggests that Stella do one, she tells her that her parents are divorced. Layla didn't know this, and walks away into the forest, thinking she knows nothing about friendship. Bloom offers to have Stella give Tecna a makeover, but Stella feels bad for Layla and walks after her. Bloom can't believe Stella turned down a makeover. Stella finds Layla and says that some of the things she says and does is her putting up walls because she is sometimes insecure, and wants her and Layla to be friends. Stella receives her Charmix. Then monsters attack them. Stella is able to use magic with her Charmix, but not for long.

When the Winx talk about Stella and Layla hiding their feelings, Riven gets tired of this, and gets into a minor argument with Musa. Brandon acts as interpreter for Riven and tells Musa that he just doesn't want to talk about feelings because they scare him, and suggests that she tell Riven she likes him. Meanwhile, The Trix set traps for the Winx. Musa and Riven notice this. Musa goes to tell the others and suggests that Riven stay and find where the traps are. When Musa tells Riven she likes him, she receives her Charmix.

Stella uses her Charmix as a signal to the others, and Brandon arrives and defeats the monsters. More monsters appear. Sky, Brandon, and Musa fight them, and the monsters chase them toward the traps. Riven tells everyone about the traps and leads them through so they don't get caught in them. However, the only paths to go from here either have monsters approaching or lead to a cliff. The monsters have them cornered.


  • Stella and Musa receive their Charmix

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