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Princess Tressa
is the princess of the mermaids and heir to the mermaid throne. When Valtor invaded tides, Tressa was able to avoid capture but mainly due to phobia. When she escaped she went looking for layla and eventually found her and the Winx. Aided by the Winx she rescued her mother and saved Layla from the Kraken.

Her 4kids English voice actress is Kether Donohue.


She has got red hair (pony tail), her eyes are similar to orange color. She is mermaid so she's got purplish and blueish tail. It's looks like fish tail, not like other mermaids. Tressa's wings has got dark blue, dark orange and dark yellow parts with black lines.

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Season 3

Her first appearance is on Episode 5. She ask's for help to layla because her mother is a prisoner. She says she was really scared when she saw that all her friends turned into monsters and attacked them. She leads them to the Kracken's cave and opens her mother's jail. Her mother notices layla is blind and tells her she can help her due to the fact she is the Mermaid's Queen and she owns a weapon with a coral stone on top of it, which heals anything. They hurry to catch the last sun ray, but the monster hits Tressa's mother and she falls. Tressa goes to her rescue and finds out she's dead. The Winx help Tressa and layla uses the coral stone to save Tressa's mother, gaining her Enchantrix.