The Wrong Righters is the 14th episode of Season 2 of Winx Club, and the 40th episode altogether. It was preceded by Gangs of Gardenia and followed by Magic in My Heart.


An evil villain, Yoshinoiya, receives word from his ninjas that a team of specialists called the Wrong Righters have captured Diaspro before they could. Yoshinoiya decides to pretend that he kidnapped her anyway and orders the ransom note to be delivered.

The Wrong Righters have Diaspro imprisoned in a dungeon because she was destroying Planet Isis, making people go hungry by making them spend all their money on outfits and exiling people for wearing more than one type of denim. Their objective is to turn her good.

As part of a presentation for Palladium, Bloom and Musa demonstrate a rain spell, which only creates a single raincloud above Bloom. Stella turns the raincloud into sunlight. Afterward, Bloom, Flora, Sky, and Brandon go to Eraklyon to meet Sky's parents. On arrival, the king and queen tell them about Yoshinoiya's ransom demand. Sky wants to save Diaspro, but the king says he won't because she is no longer his fiancee and the royal guard will be put to the task. Sky races off to save Diaspro, and the king and queen decide that it might not be such a bad idea, since it could lead to Sky getting engaged to Diaspro again.

Bloom is concerned about Sky's eagerness to save Diaspro and thinks he loves her again, also noting that his parents don't seem to like her (Bloom). Bloom and Flora find a teleporting flower that will switch one of them with Diaspro, and try to catch it.

Sky and Brandon fight Yoshinoiya's forest ninjas. They defeat the ninjas, and one tells them that Yoshinoiya doesn't have Diaspro and the Wrong Righters do. Bloom, Flora, Sky, and Brandon search for Diaspro and are attacked by the Wrong Righters, who defeat and imprison them. Lockette, Chatta, and Zing release them from the dungeon.

Bloom uses the teleport flower to switch places with Diaspro (whom she doesn't care for but wants to help Sky). She then uses her power to escape the dungeon and flies back to the others, with the Wrong Righters chasing after her. Bloom, Sky, and Brandon fight the Wrong Righters to distract them until Zing arrives with the ransom note, while Diaspro promises Flora that she will change her ways. Zing shows the ransom note to the Wrong Righters so they know Yoshinoiya was using them and making them look like kidnappers. Enraged, and on the Winx and specialists' side now, the Wrong Righters go after Yoshinoiya. The outcome of this is not revealed, but it is presumed that the Wrong Righters defeat him and imprison them in their dungeon.

The king and queen are impressed with Bloom, and the Wrong Righters leave after arguing over what to do next.