The Search for the Flame
Season 1, Episode 23
Episode Information
Production Code 123
4Kids Title The Search for the Flame
Air Date 20 November 2004
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Mission to Cloud Tower
Battle for Alfea
The Search for the Flame is the 23rd episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by Mission to Cloud Tower and followed by Battle for Alfea.


The third wave of the Army of Decay seems to be gone for now, and Alfea is awaiting the next attack. The duck now goes by the name Peppy. Musa tells Flora and Tecna that the only way to defeat the Trix is to work together.

Bloom, Stella, Sky, Brandon, Riven, and Knut are now under a spell to avoid detection, which proves to work when they run into a monster. Knut knows his way around Cloud Tower, and leads them to the witches' room. However, the Trix's spider camera is able to pick them up, and informs the Trix, who try to think of something diabolical and evil to do to Bloom. They decide to make Bloom think she can have the dragon fire back, and take it away.

The six split up, Brandon and Riven checking the crypt, while Bloom, Stella, Sky, and Knut find the dragon fire on a pedestal. Before Bloom can get to it, Icy freezes it. The Trix taunt Bloom and call her a loser, and then Griffin appears, having escaped her cell, and attacks the Trix. She traps the Trix in a detention barrier and sets up a barricade around the door. Griffin leaves with Bloom and the others, knowing the Trix will escape. She decides their only chance is to join her power with Saladin and Faragonda.

Icy destroys the detention barrier. As they try to get through Griffin's wall, they send the Decay sentries after Bloom, Griffin, and the others. The witches of Cloud Tower enter a portal to Alfea. Bloom and Sky stay behind to keep the monsters from entering the portal, which Stella, Brandon, Riven, Griffin, and Knut enter. The monsters chase after Sky and Bloom while they ride a motorbike. They escape the monsters, but crash due to a Trix defense system.

Tecna and Timmy discover the gigantic Army of Decay that is still on its way to Alfea, while the Trix get through Griffin's wall.


  • Griffin escapes the dungeon and goes to Alfea with the Cloud Tower witches to fight the Army of Decay


  • The way the Army of Decay go from Cloud Tower to Alfea is similar to armies of Orcs or Uruk-hai marching out of Barad-dur, Isengard, or Minas Morgul in Lord of the Rings.