The Princess' Ball is the first episode of Season 3 of Winx Club, and the 53rd episode overall. It was preceded by The Ultimate Power Couple and followed by Beauty is a Beast.


It is time for vacation. Bloom and Sky will be separated, and they had a fight the last time they saw each other. Wanda of Solaria sends a message to the Winx announcing the Princess Ball and that there is a surprise announcement for Stella. Stella hopes her parents will be getting back together.

The Trix, who have somehow been retrieved from Realix, are transferred to the Omega Dimension and frozen, but since Icy's element is ice she breaks free, saying her heart is so cold nothing can freeze it. Icy unfreezes Darcy and Stormy.

When getting pizza, Stella gets in a fight with Chimera of the Beta Academy. When Stella picks a one-of-a-kind dress for the Princess Ball, Chimera picks the same one, and it becomes a race to the mall that carries it.

While running from the Omega Dimension's security snakes, the Trix find a frozen prisoner named Baltor who was sentenced to eternal imprisonment. They unfreeze him, hoping they can offer him up in their place. However, Baltor destroys the snakes, proving to be incredibly powerful. He says he was imprisoned for 17 years and was awake for all of it. They agree to break out of Omega; however, after Darkar, the Trix are reluctant to take orders from Baltor.

Bloom and Stella race Chimera to the mall. When Bloom and Stella take the lead, Chimera gets angry and shoots bolts of magic everywhere, causing two puppies to fall from a balcony. Bloom and Stella transform and save them. However, Chimera gets the dress first, saying she is going to be the princess of Solaria.

Baltor has the power to make people his minions and give their power to him. He and the Trix break out of the Omega Dimension.

Stella gets a pink dress for the ball in place of the red one. While the Winx are at the beach, with Musa's hair longer, Sky, Brandon, Riven, Timmy, and Helia appear, Sky having turned around midflight to be with Bloom for the ball. Then the ocean acts weird and a tidal wave appears. The Winx transform and hold the waves back while the specialists get everyone out of the water. Layla saves a little girl. The tidal wave was an anomaly from a dimensional shockwave. A mermaid appears and said "Codeword Sandbar". Layla goes through the ocean with the mermaid.

Baltor turns mermaids into monstrous minions, taking their power.


  • First appearance of Baltor and Chimera
  • The Trix are transferred to Omega and break out with Baltor


  • In the other versions, Baltor's name is Valtor

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