The Power Within is the 16th episode of Season 3 of Winx Club, and the 68th episode overall. It was preceded by The Island of Dragons and followed by The Omega Mission.


Timmy hears Tecna's voice, and has a plan to figure out her exact coordinates. Baltor becomes aware of this, but rather than try to stop Timmy, he tells the Trix to go after Bloom instead. Stella, Flora, Musa, Layla, Brandon, Helia, and Timmy go to get Tecna while Sky and Riven must stay behind to defend Alfea in case Baltor should attack.

On Pyros, the dragon chases after Bloom. However, Bloom is faster and escapes the dragon. She then gets caught in an earthquake but is saved by a mysterious woman named Maia. She says Bloom must open her mind and her heart, and lose all her fear, if she is to destroy Baltor.

Stella, Timmy, and the others arrive at the Omega Dimension while Maia trains Bloom on Pyros. Maia has Bloom test her power against a dragon. Bloom withstands the dragon's tail whip and easily destroys him. In the Omega Dimension, Stella, Timmy, and the other encounter some convicts, who attack them. The four Winx turn Enchantix and fight the convicts but end up falling into a crevice (despite their wings). Brandon and Helia fight them, but are defeated.

Maia gives Bloom a necklace containing the essence of Pyros. The Trix arrive as Bloom is meditating to open her heart and mind. Bloom uses a fire tornado on the Trix. Icy freezes her but she breaks free. When they mention Baltor's name, she remembers how much she wants to take him down, and is fearless and open to her powers. Because of this she receives her Enchantix, and traps the Trix in a sphere of dragon fire. Maia says that Bloom not only found greater power, but she also found herself, and there is nothing more powerful than that.


  • Some of the Winx and specialists go to the Omega Dimension to find Tecna
  • Bloom receives her Enchantix, though in a different way than the others

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