The Omega Mission is the 17th episode of Season 3 of Winx Club, and the 69th episode overall. It was preceded by The Power Within and followed by Day at the Museum.


Bloom returns to Alfea, but Stella and the others are gone. The pixies tell her they are at the Omega Dimension looking for Tecna. Bloom talks to Faragonda and says she doesn't know how she got her Enchantix without saving someone from her realm. Faragonda says she got her Enchantix through willpower and is a rare exception. Bloom meets up with Sky for the first time since the spell on him was broken, and they decide to go to the Omega Dimension.

In the Omega Dimension, the convicts have Brandon, Helia, and Timmy imprisoned in a cave, while in the crevice, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Layla are confronted by an Ice Serpent. Stella has a sun barrier set up to protect them and keep them from freezing, but will eventually run out of power.

Bloom and Sky run into Tecna, who knows a spell for turning ice into food. She says the imprisoned convicts have broken out of their frozen imprisonment. Bloom, Tecna, and Sky fight the convicts and release Brandon, Helia, and Timmy. The specialists hold off the convicts when they return with reinforcements while Bloom and Tecna look for the girls.

Bloom hasn't been able to transform since she got back from Pyros. Then an Ice Serpent attacks Bloom and Tecna and they fall into a crevice. Soon after Stella runs out of power, Bloom and Tecna appear before her and the others. The Winx, minus Bloom, use Convergence, which doesn't affect the snake. Bloom is able to transform due to Musa's Fairy Dust. While the others use Enchantix Convergence on the snake, Bloom uses her fire dragon attack which seemingly kills the snake, but instead forms a connection between it and Bloom, and the snake is speaking to her. The snake's job is to keep everyone in Omega imprisoned and is impossible to destroy since it's tied to Omega (although Baltor did kill two of them). The snake gets angry and attacks. Bloom stays behind to deal with it while the other Winx look for the boys.

While the specialists fight the convicts, Bloom leads the snake to them. Since the snake's mission is to catch convicts, it goes after them instead of the Winx and specialists. The Winx and specialists all return to Alfea. Now that Tecna is back, they are officially the Winx Club again. Sky invites Bloom to visit his parents' lake house on Eraklyon.


  • Bloom returns from Pyros
  • Tecna returns from the Omega Dimension

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