The Mermaid Queen is the sixth episode of Season 3 of Winx Club, and the 58th episode overall. It was preceded by Mission to Tides and followed by Royal Behavior.


Stella is worried about her friends going to Tides without her, and King Radius under Cassandra's spell. Griselda asks why the Winx aren't coming to class, and she tells her they have a contagious disease, with the pixies and Kiko turning into them.

On Tides, Bloom and the others are unable to break Baltor's spell on Layla's eyes. A mermaid named Tressa appears and says Baltor destroyed the mermaid castle and captured her mother, Queen Ligea. Layla knows a spell to breathe underwater, so she, Bloom, Flora, Musa, and Tecna transform and go underwater with Tressa.

Nova informs Stella that Chimera is now princess of Solaria. Radius hasn't objected as he is still under Cassandra's spell.

The Winx and Tressa are attacked by Baltor's mermaids.

Stella decides to go to Solaria to stop Cassandra and Chimera's evil plan. To prevent Griselda from finding out, she turns Piff into her. Piff leaves the room, and is caught by Griselda when Stella and the transformed pixies are looking for her.

After fighting off the mermaids, the five Winx and Tressa discover that Queen Ligea is in the kraken's lair. They enter, and the kraken captures Layla. Tressa finds Ligea in a cell and releases her. Although she previously was afraid of everything, Tressa cuts off the kraken's tentacles to rescue Layla. As Tressa takes Layla to the surface, the kraken regenerates.

Ligea tells Layla that her scepter can restore her sight, but only when the last rays of twilight are absorbed into the coral gem on the scepter. The kraken goes after the Winx. Bloom, Flora, Musa, and Tecna blast the ceiling causing a cave in which forces the kraken to retreat. However, as the Winx, Tressa, and Ligea swim to the surface, the kraken returns again and slashes Ligea with one of its tentacles, mortally wounding her. The kraken retreats to its lair afterward. They return to the surface, but there isn't enough power in the scepter to heal both Layla and Ligea. Layla chooses to heal Ligea. Having sacrificed the chance of regaining her eyesight to save Ligea, Layla receives her Enchantix.


  • Layla receives her Enchantix

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