The Great Witch Invasion
Season 1, Episode 25
Episode Information
Production Code 125
4Kids Title The Great Witch Invasion
Air Date 4 December 2004
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Battle for Alfea
Fire and Ice
The Great Witch Invasion is the 25th episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by Battle for Alfea and followed by Fire and Ice.


With Red Fountain as their dragon stable and everyone in Magix put to sleep, the Trix conjure another Army of Decay and lead them to Alfea, the army carrying the Trix on thrones.

Flora uses all of her Winx in one final attempt to return Mirta to her original form, and succeeds. Riven tells Musa he likes her.

Sky finds the people of Magix trapped in cocoons. A Decay monster attacks him and he fights it.

Daphne tells Bloom to go under the water and find her. She tells her to picture herself below the surface and "dive into herself". This has a similar effect to when Faragonda projected her to another world, which Daphne reveals was inside her and not another planet. Daphne says she is inside Bloom, and that Bloom is close to discovering her power. She makes her realize that she is not an earth girl or the princess of Sparks, but both, and who she is, what's inside her, and what's in her heart can never be taken away from her. Daphne says Bloom's journey is complete, and disappears. Bloom says she is a princess and the keeper of the dragon fire, and no one can take that from her. Bloom regains her power and the dragon fire.

The Trix and their army sneak through the Invisible Road to attack Alfea without warning. However the Undines notice this and warn Alfea that the army is taking the Invisible Road and the Trix are personally leading them.

As Sky is unable to do anything to the decay monster, two more appear. When it looks like Sky is done for, Bloom appears and incinerates the monsters with her dragon fire. Bloom and Sky head back to Alfea.


  • Flora restores Mirta to her true form
  • Bloom regains her dragon fire