The Golden Kingdom is the 21st episode of Season 3 of Winx Club, and the 73rd episode overall. It was preceded by Little Big Shots and followed by The Crystal Labyrinth.


Bloom has the other Winx fight her, so that if they figure out how to defeat her power, they can figure out how to defeat Baltor as well. Tecna finally realizes that there was an opposite force to the Great Dragon whose flame Bloom and Baltor possess, and that opposite force is contained in the Water Stars. Since they can't exist in the same dimension as dragon fire, wizards sealed them in the Golden Kingdom, at the Red Tower. So the Winx and the specialists decide go in search of the Water Stars.

Where Veilmist Forest should be, all there is is a giant void, and they're about to fly over the edge of the world. Layla catches Ophir spying on her and handcuffs him, taking him to the brig. However, she accidentally gets imprisoned with him before the ship crashes.

Helia receives a message from Flora, but when Riven sees Musa putting Ophir in shackles, he thinks they're kissing and gets jealous. He heads off after them.

The Winx and specialists reach the Golden Kingdom. Searching for the Water Stars, they are attacked by monsters with eye tentacles. The Winx transform and destroy them, with help from Ophir.

As Timmy tries to fix the ship, Riven arrives.

The Winx, Sky, Brandon, and Ophir reach the Red Tower and find a stone with writing on it before centaurs attack them. They trap all the Winx with tridents except Bloom and Layla, and they fight alongside Ophir against the centaurs until they retreat. Ophir picks Musa up and says she needs help. Riven arrives and tells Ophir to put her down.


  • The Winx and specialists go to the Golden Kingdom to look for Water Stars

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