The Frozen Palace
Season 1, Episode 21
Episode Information
Production Code 121
4Kids Title The Frozen Palace
Air Date 30 October 2004 (4Kids)
Episode guide
Sparks of Hope
Mission to Cloud Tower
The Frozen Palace is the 21st episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by Sparks of Hope and followed by Mission to Cloud Tower.


The Snow Monster walks away, and Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna search for Bloom. They find a frozen palace, and Stella begins to melt the ice.

Bloom survives her fall, which leads into the palace, which she recognizes. Stella is able to get through the ice and they reunite with Bloom. Then Stella melts all the ice of the palace, with Tecna multiplying her power. They find an undamaged area that could have been protected by dragon fire. Daphne appears and leads the Winx to the royal treasure room. All the treasure belongs to Bloom, and Daphne gives her a crown. She says when the Ancient Witches attacked, the king called on her to protect Bloom, so she took her and the dragon fire and hid them on Earth, the last place anyone would expect. She tells Bloom to look for the dragon fire and she will find it.

As the Winx leave the palace, the Snow Monster returns with an army of Ice Crabs. Flora, Musa, and Tecna transform and fight them alongside Stella. The four destroy many of them, but there are too many so they retreat into the palace. The Winx continue to fight the Ice Crabs, but the Snow Monster beats them up, forcing them to run/fly away.

Then Sky, Brandon, and Timmy appear and fight the Ice Crabs. Together, the Winx and specialists destroy the Ice Crabs. Even Bloom is able to kill a few of them by beating them with a stick. At one point an Ice Crab nearly kills Bloom but Sky saves her. After the Ice Crabs are defeated, the Snow Monster attacks. Working together, Tecna, Flora, Stella, and Musa destroy him.

The specialists were able to reach Sparks by putting a dimensional warp drive on their ship. Stella and Brandon get back together, and as they leave Sparks, Sky tells Bloom that he pretended to be Brandon so he could see what it would be like to be a regular guy for once. He says he cares for Bloom and broke up his arranged marriage to Diaspro.


  • The Snow Monster is destroyed
  • Bloom and Sky get back together, as do Stella and Brandon