The First Charmix is the 20th episode of Season 2 of Winx Club, and the 46th episode overall. It was preceded by Shadows in Bloom and followed by Trouble in Paradise.


Faragonda tells the Winx that they should prepare for the next battle. When they begin to argue, Faragonda says they must work as a team, and decides to take "drastic measures".

When Avalon and Palladium are walking through the forest looking for flowers, Avalon is attacked by a poisonous plant. However, he seems like he is up to something, as it is implied he was intentionally attacked.

Faragonda's "drastic measures" are sending the Winx on a vacation to the Resort Realm, and the specialists will be going with them, although they are instructed not to socialize with the Winx. There is no magic in the Resort Realm.

Palladium tells Livy to get the antidote to the poisonous plant, the essence of the Flower of Life which is in Pixie Village. As Livy heads to Pixie Village, Darkar watches, having set the thing up with Avalon, and sends Icy to follow her to the village. Icy takes shadow monsters called gator hounds with her.

Livy arrives at Pixie Village. Icy begins freezing the village and the pixies, until the village elder, Ninfea, gives her the codex. However, Livy keeps it from Icy, who chases after her and they go down a hole.

Sky and Riven race down the ski slope, but Layla wins.

Livy and Icy end up in Downland, where Icy gets instant dislike from Amentia.

When riding the cable car up the mountain again, the rope begins to fray. The Winx and specialists argue over what to do, until Bloom breaks up the argument and says they must work together.

Icy fights Amentia, while Palladium puts together an antidote of his own for Avalon. When Icy finds herself outnumbered by Amentia and her guards, Darcy and Stormy appear, and together the Trix defeat Amentia and her guards.

By working together, the Winx and specialists make a kite to fly away from the cable car before it falls.

The Trix leave with the codex, and Amentia swears revenge. Meanwhile, Palladium's antidote works and heals Avalon.

After escaping the cable car, Bloom receives something called a Charmix, which a fairy gets when she discovers her true self. It gives her more power.

The Trix give the codex to Darkar. Using the four codexes, Darkar begins to open the portal to Realix.


  • The Winx go to the Resort Realm
  • Avalon is revealed to be working for Darkar
  • Bloom receives her Charmix
  • Darkar gets the fourth and final codex