Stormy is one of the Trix, alongside Icy and Darcy.


Like Icy and Darcy, Stormy is sadistic and loves everything negative while hating everything positive. She is often viewed by Icy as a complainer, who tells her to "stop your witching".

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Stormy's powers mainly revolve around storms, particularly lightning and tornadoes. She becomes more powerful once Darkar gives her Gloomix in Season 2, but is less of a threat in Season 3.

Season 1Edit

The Trix are the main antagonists of Season 1, seeking the dragon fire to become powerful, raise the Army of Decay, and take over the world. Stormy was defeated alongside Darcy when they were hit by one of her own tornadoes turned back on them by Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna, and imprisoned in a spike ball by Faragonda and Griffin. Afterward they and Icy were sent to White Haven.

Season 2Edit

The Trix were released by Lord Darkar and given a power called Gloomix. While the Trix mostly acted together as usual, Stormy individually fought Musa in Magic in My Heart, and was defeated. Stormy sought revenge and tried to force Musa to surrender to her by threatening her father, but Musa was able to defeat Stormy and send her flying.

Like Icy and Darcy, Stormy was betrayed by Darkar, but they merged into one and fought him, lost, and were imprisoned in Realix.

Season 3Edit

Sent to Omega, the Trix escaped with the help of Baltor. They all developed a crush on him and competed for his favor, but eventually left him and were imprisoned in Light Haven again.

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