Sparks of Hope
Season 1, Episode 20
Episode Information
Production Code 120
4Kids Title Sparks of Hope
Air Date 30 October 2004 (4Kids)
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The Army of Decay
The Frozen Palace
Sparks of Hope is the 20th episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by The Army of Decay and followed by The Frozen Palace.


The Trix tell Faragonda and Saladin to surrender or Alfea and Red Fountain will be destroyed. Faragonda has a plan that involves Bloom going on a mission, and Saladin goes to make sure the Trix attack Red Fountain first and buy Alfea some time.

Knut is freaked out by the Trix's plan to take over everything, even the ogre realm where his mother lives.

The fairies have defeated the first wave of the Army of Decay attacking Alfea. Faragonda tells them that Red Fountain will distract the next wave, and if it falls, the Trix will attack Alfea again. She says that although the Trix took the dragon fire from Bloom, her flame can be reignited, and as the last survivor of Sparks, only she can use its full power. The dragon fire on Sparks was the source of its power, but was extinguished by the Ancient Witches putting Sparks into eternal winter. Bloom's mission is to reignite the flame and absorb its power.

Knut goes to Saladin at Red Fountain with the duck and asks to fight alongside him. Saladin is reluctant to trust him, as heroes and ogres are usually enemies. The Trix take Saladin's bait and plan to attack Red Fountain first.

Palladium uses the magical reality chamber to sent the Winx to Sparks for real. This does not go unnoticed by the Trix, who make it colder on Sparks, although they think the Winx are just trying to escape.

Saladin and Codatorta lead the specialists and Knut into battle against the next wave of the Army of Decay. Icy strikes Red Fountain with lightning and takes control of the Red Fountain dragons. Saladin puts out the flames (it is no longer raining) and Icy freezes Red Fountain. Saladin, Codatorta, Knut, and the specialists are forced to retreat. With Red Fountain destroyed, the Trix are ready to destroy Alfea.

On Sparks, the Winx run into a yeti creature, the Snow Monster.

The specialists go to Alfea. All Faragonda and Saladin can do is hold the Trix and their army off as long as they can, and their hope rests with Bloom.

Stella transforms and blasts the Snow Monster with a sun beam, but this only angers him. He throws a giant icicle, causing the ground to split, and Bloom falls into the crevice.


  • Knut switches sides
  • Red Fountain is destroyed by the Trix
  • First appearance of the Snow Monster