Royal Heartbreak
Season 1, Episode 17
Episode Information
Production Code 117
4Kids Title Royal Heartbreak
Air Date 9 October 2004 (4Kids)
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The Nightmare Monster
Senior Witches Go to Earth
Royal Heartbreak is the 17th episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by The Nightmare Monster and followed by Senior Witches Go to Earth.


It is the Day of the Royals. Bloom is feeling down because Brandon said he would call and never did. At Stella's suggestion she calls him and tries to get him to invite her over, but he pretends he has another call and hangs up. He feels bad about this, however, and and tells Timmy that Diaspro is coming to the Day of the Royals, and all he can think about is Bloom. He decides to tell Bloom how he feels about her. Riven says some mean things about her and Brandon punches him. They fight until Sky and Timmy break it up.

The Winx sneak into Red Fountain. Faragonda talks with Griffin in the audience, and as the king and queen of Eraklyon, Brandon and Sky's home planet, are being introduced, Bloom bumps into Princess Diaspro, who is a jerk and calls Bloom a loser, leading Bloom to suspect that she is Icy. Bloom takes Diaspro aside to confront her. She transforms and blasts Diaspro through a wall.

The specialists race, and Riven attacks Brandon and causes him to crash. A fight is averted when the dragons are summoned.

Diaspro transforms into a fairylike form and fights Bloom.

The specialists demonstrate dragon wrangling. Riven has his dragon attack, fighting Brandon's dragon until Codatorta breaks it up. Then Bloom and Diaspro appear from below. When Bloom knocks Diaspro to the ground, Brandon rushes over to her. Diaspro reveals that Brandon is actually Sky, that she is his fiancee, and the one that they thought was Sky is really Brandon.

Faragonda and Griselda are furious at the Winx for ruining the Day of the Royals and disgracing Alfea. They put the Winx on academic probation and reduce their power by half as punishment. Afterward, the Winx talk about Sky and Brandon switching places. Stella says she's over Brandon, and Bloom says she's done with boys.


  • Sky and Brandon are revealed to have switched places