Rescuing the Pixies is the fifth episode of Season 2 of Winx Club, and the 31st episode overall. It was preceded by Queen of Perfection and followed by My Boyfriend's Wedding.


Bloom, Stella, Layla, and Sky decide to go down a chasm that could lead to Shadowhaunt.

In Shadowhaunt, one of the pixies, Charmy, is dead. Darkar turns into a snake and threatens to eat the pixies if they don't tell him where Pixie Village is. Lockette says it's under a tree, but before she can continue, Chatta gives a false location of the tree.

Bloom, Stella, Layla, and Sky use wooden boards to snowboard down the cliff, and use a device to teleport into Shadowhaunt. They cross a rickety bridge, to which Stella hasn't gotten over her fear of heights (although she pretended otherwise before).

Livy, the pixie of messages, appears before Musa and Tecna. She was out of the village when Darkar kidnapped the pixies, sending a message to Red Fountain about guarding a gate to the realm of Realix.

As Layla reaches the pixies, Bloom and Sky are across the bridge, and Stella still trying to cross it, the Trix attack. While Bloom, Stella, and Sky fight the Trix, Layla tries to release the pixies, to no effect.

Darkar receives word from Kerborg about the location Chatta gave him, and realizes she lied to him. He says perhaps it's time the pixies made their escape.

The Trix easily defeat Stella, Bloom, Sky, and Layla, when she enters the battle. Then a mysterious paladin appears, heals the four, and fights the Trix off before he flies away. Bloom and Stella become infatuated with him. Then the pixies appear, released from their imprisonment. One of them, Amore, bonds with Stella, and Layla explains a pixie and her destined fairy bond at first sight, as do Lockette and Bloom. The barrier was seemingly destroyed by Layla's attacks, but she and Digit say she shouldn't be strong enough to do this, and something is up. Stella reminds everyone that Brandon is being forced to marry Amentia, so they decide to go to Downland and rescue him.


  • The pixies are released from their imprisonment
  • First appearance of Professor Avalon