Queen Amentia is the queen of Downland. She is a perfectionist, and likes everything to be symmetrical.

Sponsus is in love with her, but she rejected him for Brandon, and forced him to agree to marry her by threatening Stella. However, when Amore made her sniff a Soul Mate Blossom, she realized her true love was Sponsus, and the two were married.

Later, Amentia encountered Icy and fought against her. With help from Darcy and Stormy, she defeated Amentia and her army. Later, Brandon asked for Amentia's help in getting to Shadowhaunt to defeat Lord Darkar. Amentia told Brandon to prove himself by defeating her. After Sky won the battle by knocking Gargantua on top of her, Amentia fought on the Winx and speciaists' side against Darkar and his shadow monsters, retreating after a fight with the shadow monsters.


  • Amentia's love for symmetry and perfection is on a similar scale to that of Death the Kid from Soul Eater
  • In the RAI version, Amentia is a princess instead of a queen

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