Princess of Tides is the second episode of Season 2 of Winx Club, and the 28th episode overall. It was preceded by Back to School and followed by Into the Under Realm.


Layla has been asleep for four days.

At Light Haven, the Trix are imprisoned in a virtual meadow full of positive atmospheres that they hate. The other prisoners are here to be reformed, but the Trix don't seem like they will, and can't use their magic. The virtual meadow is driving them insane.

Wizgiz says that all forces exist in direct relation to their opposites, and wherever there's a light force, there's a dark force as well.

Eventually Layla wakes up, and tells the Winx that she was in the Under Realm.

Darkar's pet, Kerborg, tells him the location of the Trix, who he is interested in. Darkar turns into the Shadow Phoenix and attacks Light Haven. He releases the Trix from the virtual meadow and takes them as his minions.

Layla tells the Winx that she would often go to Pixie Village, until shadow monsters kidnapped all but Lockette and Blinky. Layla, Lockette, and Blinky followed the trail of shadow creatures to the kingdom of Shadowhaunt, the heart of the Under Realm. Then Darkar arrived and attacked her. Now all the pixies are captured in Shadowhaunt except Piff.

Upon exiting the virtual meadow, the Trix are attacked by the templar knights. The Trix's magic won't work on the knights, but Darkar gives them a power called Gloomix. Darcy blinds the knights, but they continue to attack, so Stormy and Icy combine their powers into an ice tornado and freeze them. Darkar returns to Shadowhaunt with the Trix.

Bloom can sense her opposite - Darkar - is out there and getting stronger.


  • The Trix are released from Light Haven, become Darkar's minions, and gain the Gloomix power