Point of No Return is the 13th episode of Season 3 of Winx Club, and the 65th episode overall. It was preceded by Tears From the Black Willow and followed by Payback.


Baltor decides to suck Tides into the Omega Dimension. Mixing the positive energy of Tides and the negative energy of Omega will cancel each other out and destroy both.

Saladin informs Faragonda of this, and she tells the Winx. They decide to work together to close the portal to the Omega Dimension and save Tides. The Winx go to Tides and transform.

The Trix, meanwhile, have been returned to their original age, presumably by Baltor.

The Winx fight the possessed mermaids, who are trying to keep them from the gates under Baltor's orders, because they serve him without question under his spell and he views them as expendable. The negative energy of Omega knocks the Winx down while previously imprisoned monsters appear from Omega.

With the help of her father the king, Layla uses fairy dust to restore the mermaids. The king says Taboc the Wise can close the portal with magic. After Taboc arrives, so do monsters, but Stella, Flora, and Musa fight them while the others and Taboc go to the Omega Portal. Taboc reveals himself as one of the wizards who created the Omega Dimension to permanently trap the worst criminals. Bloom, Tecna, and Layla converge their magic onto the ancient scrolls, but Taboc loses the scrolls to the negative energy. Now the portal can only be closed from the inside, and whoever closes it will be trapped in the Omega Dimension forever. Bloom and Layla are unable to even enter it, but Tecna goes in, receiving her Enchantix in the process, and uses Fairy Dust to close the portal. In the process she is sucked into the Omega Dimension. Taboc says there is no way to get her out.


  • Tecna receives her Enchantix, but is trapped in the Omega Dimension

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