Operation Boyfriend Rescue is the ninth episode of Season 3 of Winx Club, and the 61st episode overall. It was preceded by Dark Sky and followed by Attack of the Zombie Witches.


Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and the pixies set up a picnic for Bloom in an attempt to make her feel better, but she turns it down.

Faragonda tells Avalon, Griselda, Wizgiz, and Palladium that a magic scroll is Alfea's greatest treasure and Baltor will be after it. She tells them the story of the fight with Baltor on Sparks. The scroll contanis a defense spell, and can be released only by a unified consensus. Then concerned parents arrive due to rumors that Bloom is a witch or a servant of Baltor. Faragonda says that Bloom is Baltor's enemy, but the parents also heard that Baltor will be after her, and want Bloom removed from Alfea. Faragonda announces this to the school but turns down the request to remove Bloom. However Bloom says it might be better if she does leave, at least for a while, and returns to Gardenia on Earth.

Bloom tells Vanessa that she still hasn't gotten over Sky calling her a witch and attacking her, but she reminds her that people don't know what they're doing when under a spell, and that Darkar once put her under a spell and Sky saved her. This inspires Bloom to try to get Sky back.

Brandon is trying to save Sky from Diaspro's spell, and Stella finds out that Sky and Diaspro are engaged. She tells Bloom, who decides to go to Eraklyon. They return to Alfea, and the Winx go to Eraklyon with Riven. Bloom talks to Sky, but is unable to get through to him and Diaspro sends guards after the Winx. Stella transforms and fights Sky, during which Baltor's mark on him becomes visible. Bloom, Flora, and Musa transform, and Bloom realizes what happened. Stella uses Fairy Dust to break Diaspro's spell on Sky. The guards are still acting on Diaspro's orders and capture Brandon while the Winx retreat.

Layla hears from her parents that they have chosen the man that will be her husband, which she doesn't like because she has never met him. His name is Nabu.


  • Diaspro's spell on Sky is broken by Stella

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