The Multi-Mouth Monster is a unique Shadow Monster who serves Lord Darkar. He appeared in the episode Homesick.

The Multi-Mouth Monster is purple and has mouths all over his body.

When Shadow Avalon cast a spell to make the pixies homesick and head back to their village, Darkar sent the Multi-Mouth Monster and a spiky shadow monster to follow them. When the Winx (minus Bloom) ran after them, they fought the two shadow monsters. After Stella destroyed the spiky monster, Musa stomped the ground to bounce the Multi-Mouth Monster into the air. Flora trapped him with vines, and Stella destroyed him with Sun Blast to the face, point blank. In death he exploded into slime, splashing all over the Winx and preventing them from using their wings.


  • The way he explodes into slime when defeated is similar to the Boomers from Left 4 Dead 2.