Missing in Action is the 11th episode of Season 3 of Winx Club, and the 63rd episode overall. It was preceded by Attack of the Zombie Witches and followed by Tears From the Black Willow.


The Winx go into the forest to look for Faragonda.

Baltor is disappointed with the Trix's failure to defeat the Winx and says he just needs one person to share his power with.

Flora communicates with the forest and learns that Baltor defeated Faragonda, but she survives, though the trees don't know what happened to her. The Winx go to Cloud Tower to look for Baltor, and meet up with Mirta. The witches have been put in suspended animation. They run into monsters and fight them. Stella and Musa use Convergence to put the zombie witches to sleep, and the monsters take them away.

Mirta seemingly finds Lucy, but it turns out to be an illusion by Baltor, who casts a spell on the Winx so their Convergence magic will no longer work. The Winx fight Baltor, who easily defeats them. When the two monsters report that Griffin is trying to escape, Baltor decides to deal with her and orders the witches to kill the Winx. The Winx realize that Baltor didn't block Convergence, but their ability to touch each other. Stella, Musa, and Layla use an Enchantix Convergence to fight the witches and monsters off, but then a ghostly hand chases after them.

Baltor sets his lockdown spell so any spell Griffin uses will be turned back on her. After he leaves, the Winx find Griffin, who says they should talk to the vault monsters who talk the tunnels, and they'll help them find Faragonda.

The pixies search for Faragonda, and their search leads them to a mysterious tree.

The Winx find the two vault monsters, but they are under Baltor's spell. Layla uses fairy dust to break the spell, and they tell the Winx that Baltor sealed Faragonda in a tree. The Winx find the tree and say that Faragonda's life force is one with that of the tree, so they can't hurt it without hurting her.

Each of the Trix are determined to win Baltor's favor over the other two.


  • It's revealed Baltor turned Faragonda into a tree

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