Mirror of Truth is the fourth episode of Season 3 of Winx Club, and the 56th episode overall. It was preceded by Pretty Pretty Princess and followed by Mission to Tides.


Bloom, Flora, Musa, and Tecna transform and fight the three griffons. Afterward, the griffon mother attacks the ship. Flora doesn't want to destroy them, saying the mother wants to protect her babies and the other three want to protect their mother. So the four Winx cast a spell to teleport the four griffons to parts unknown.

Then Stella falls out of the ship, but hangs onto a rock. Brandon gets her back on the ship. They enter the ice caves, and the ice spirits who guard the Mirror of Truth tell Stella she must find the mirror and touch its heart. The Winx search for the Mirror of Truth, and Stella finds it, in the form of a lake. Brandon tells her that Flora's illusion spell wore off on the ship, and doesn't care that she's hideous now. He gives her a gift that means he loves her for the rest of his life. Knowing this now, Stella is returned to her original form by the Mirror of Truth. The ice spirits say the heart of the mirror was touched by love.

The next day, the third year of school begins. Layla has returned and seems out of it. Musa meets up with Galatea of Harmonia, her world, while Nova, who is friends with Stella, arrives as well, and tells Stella that Cassandra is acting as though she is queen of Solaria already, wearing the crown jewel and issuing royal proclamations. Stella says Radius never let anyone else issue royal proclamations and realizes Cassandra bewitched him.

Faragonda tells the fairies that the third year's objective is to get the Enchantix power, which will give them new magic like fairy dust. She says the test will find the fairies at a critical moment, requiring them to rescue someone from their own world by making a sacrifice. Bloom says there's no one left on Sparks unless Oritel and Miriam are still alive.

Layla tells the other Winx that Tides was attacked by Baltor, and the Trix might be working with him, and anyone who tries to fight Baltor is brainwashed to become one of his minions. Bloom decides that they should all go to Tides, save the realm, and defeat Baltor.


  • Stella is restored to her original form
  • The third year at Alfea begins, and the Enchantix power is mentioned

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