Meant to Be
Season 1, Episode 13
Episode Information
Production Code 113
4Kids Title Meant to Be
Air Date 11 September 2004 (4Kids)
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Miss Magix
Witch Trap
Meant to Be is the 13th episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by Miss Magix and followed by Witch Trap.


Bloom tells Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna of her return to Earth for spring break. In the flashback, Mitzi tells Bloom of a rumor that she was sent to reform school. She tries not to let Mitzi get to her but something seems different about Gardenia, as she can see spirits above people. Two spirits are above two men, Mr. Bonner and Mr. Bonner, who are making a deal with Vanessa to own her flower shop and turn it into a chain. The spirits above them, who Bloom suspects are their inner spirits, reveal them to be shady and taking advantage of Vanessa. Bloom tells her mother this, who calls off the deal. One of them intentionally smashes a flower pot before they leave. After Bloom uses one of Flora's spells to fix the flowerpot, she and Vanessa do more things together, and home feels more like home.

The Mr. Bonners vandalize the flower shop. Bloom knows they were responsible, but the cops don't have enough evidence to convict them. Bloom has a nightmare about the flower shop on fire, and they get there to find that it is on fire. Bloom goes in with Mike, protected by a forcefield, to use her magic to put out the fire, and in the process has a flashback of Mike finding a baby in a fire. Mike saves Mr. Bonner's driver, who is trapped inside, and Bloom extinguishes most of the flames before the firefighters arrive and take care of the rest.

The driver explains that he tried to stop the Mr. Bonners from starting the fire, so they knocked him out and left him for dead. He only drove them around because they scammed him out of his limo business and he needed money for his family, but they went too far by starting the fire. The Mr. Bonners are arrested, and Bloom, Mike, and Vanessa are honored on TV for taking them down and saving the driver, much to Mitzi's frustration. With the reward money from the mayor, Vanessa can open a bigger flower shop.

Afterward, Bloom tells her parents of the vision she saw. Mike reveals that he found Bloom in a fire, and the entire fire went out when he picked her up. Her magic never came back after that. They decided to wait until she was old enough to understand before telling her, and were going to when Stella came along but never got the chance.

In the present, Flora can't understand why Bloom is so down, because it was an amazing story. Bloom says it got her curious about her birth parents, and she's probably not from Earth. She wants to know about her origins, and the other four agree to help.


  • Bloom begins to wonder about her origins