Magical Reality Check
Season 1, Episode 10
Episode Information
Production Code 110
4Kids Title Magical Reality Check
Air Date 21 August 2004 (4Kids)
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Junior League
Magical Reality Check is the tenth episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by Spelled and followed by Junior League.


Bloom and Brandon go for a walk at nighttime, and Bloom has a midterm coming up. Riven hears her say this, and tells Darcy "the butterfly is moving into the spiderweb".

Palladium shows the Winx the Alfea Magical Reality Chamber, a simulator that creates a virtual world. For the midterm, the virtual world will simulate a dead planet, in which the fairies must survive in its conditions.

The Trix plan to project themselves into the virtual world and get Bloom angry so they can absorb her dragon fire, while Knut talks to brooms. Darcy casts a spell on the reality chamber.

The midterm begins. Palladium warns them that whatever happens to them in the virtual world is for real. Bloom goes first, and the simulator, which randomly selects the dead planets, chooses Sparks. The Trix project themselves into the virtual world, and Bloom transforms and blasts Darcy with a powerful fireball. The Trix use various attacks while taunting Bloom in an attempt to get her to use dragon fire. When they send Kiko falling toward the lava, she gets enraged and uses a dragon fire attack. The Trix capture some of the dragon fire, completing their mission. Bloom collapses from the force of the attack, but Kiko survives due to a protection spell Bloom cast.

Unable to access the chamber, Palladium uses an emergency spell to shut it down. He gives Bloom an A+ and says that the chamber malfunctioned, and while he fixes it the test will be postponed for the others.

The Trix are about to use the dragon fire's power to become more powerful and rule the universe, when the dragon fire escapes from them.