Magic in My Heart is the 15th episode of Season 2 of Winx Club, and the 41st episode overall. It was preceded by The Wrong Righters and followed by The Fourth Witch.


While searching for Alfea's codex, Stormy is confronted by Musa, who breaks up her storm and defeats her. Stormy leaves, swearing revenge.

Musa and Layla will be putting on a concert in Red Fountain. Stormy disguises herself as a fairy while planning revenge on Musa. With Stormy watching, Musa meets up with her father, and when Faragonda mentions the concert, he gets angry that she told everyone that he still performs and writes songs, and doesn't want Musa to perform in the concert, threatening to withdraw her from Alfea if she does.

Musa explains to Layla that her mother was a singer, and her father was a prince who was disowned by his family for becoming a musician. He wrote a song to play for her called Magic in My Heart, and they would perform together. But when Musa's mother died of an illness, he never got over it, and destroyed all his instruments, records, and songbooks, not wanting to be around music or talk about his wife again.

While visiting her mother's grave, Musa decides to perform because if she doesn't, part of her will be gone.

At the concert, Sky and Brandon do a fire dance. When Musa goes onstage, she sings Magic in My Heart. Her father loves it, but is then shot in the back by Stormy, who reveals her true identity and demands that Musa surrender to her, threatening to destroy him. Musa has everyone sing with her, which weakens Stormy's Gloomix and empowers Musa to send Stormy flying into the distance. Musa's father clearly now approves Musa's path of music as he says her performance made him happy and that she is just like her mother.


  • Icy and Darcy do not appear

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