Icy is the leader of the Trix, other two members being Stormy and Darcy.


Icy is as sadistic and ruthless as Stormy and Darcy, and hates things that are cute or positive. She is usually the one to tell one of the others (usually Stormy) to "stop witching" or say "wiatch".

Icy's two biggest enemies seem to be Bloom, whose powers and personality are both the polar opposite of hers, and Stella, who Icy tries to keep from winning the beauty pageant in Miss Magix and says she would choose her to destroy in Last Resorts.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As her name implies, Icy's powers revolve around ice. She often freezes her enemies.

Season 1Edit

The Trix are the main villains of Season 1. The Trix seek the dragon fire to rule the world with its power and their Army of Decay. During an attempt to retrieve the ring they thought contained the dragon fire, Icy becomes stalked by the duck, Peppy, which greatly annoys her. Icy also tried to help Lucy win the beauty pageant so Stella would lose, but this was foiled by Bloom. In the end, Icy was individually defeated by Bloom; after easily withstanding all of her attacks, Bloom knocked Icy out with a dragon fire attack. Icy said Bloom would hear from her again before being sent to Light Haven with Darcy and Stormy.

Season 2Edit

The Trix were released by Lord Darkar and given the Gloomix, increasing their powers. When Darkar betrayed them and they fused together, Icy seemed to be the dominant, as addressed by Darkar. The Trix were defeated and imprisoned in Realix; however, they were later transferred to Omega.

Season 3Edit

After being frozen in Omega, Icy unfroze due to her element being ice. She unfroze Darcy and Stormy, leading to them rescuing Baltor and him breaking out of Omega with them. The Trix competed for Baltor's favor, as they each had a crush on him, but eventually turned against him and left him for dead in his collapsing cave. The Trix were then captured and sent back to Light Haven, full of the positive atmospheres that they hate.

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