Gangs of Gardenia is the 13th episode of Season 2 of Winx Club, and the 39th episode overall. It was preceded by Truth or Dare and followed by The Wrong Righters.


Layla has a nightmare, possibly a flashback, to royal guards of Tides getting angry at her for dancing with peasants, saying only to dance when asked to by a gentleman, and that she must stand and do nothing.

Bloom has special permission to go to Earth today, and Stella and Layla want to skip class and go to Earth with her, due to exhaustion from practicing Convergence spells. Stella, Layla, and Musa go to Earth with Bloom.

Flora writes a letter for Helia, but when she meets him next, she is unable to give it to him and says it's for her parents.

The pixies briefly separate from the Winx and learn that on Earth, humans can't see pixies, except for the kids. Layla tells Stella and Musa that her life as a princess on Tides was dull, having to stand and do nothing, which Stella says is "old-fashioned", as things apparently don't work this way on other planets.

Bloom, meanwhile, talks to Vanessa about searching for her birth parents and that more than anything she's here to know if she has her support, which she does.

Stella, Musa, and Layla go to a dance club, Planet Disco. Musa uses magic to switch the song that is playing. A gang called the Suits notices this and confronts Musa and Layla. The gang sends everyone else out and forbid entry, preventing Bloom and Stella from getting in, but as the pixies are invisible to humans they can enter. The gang asks for Musa and Layla's help in defeating a rival gang. They decline, so the Suits attack them. The pixies help fight them, Amore making two male gang members fall in love with each other. Musa and Layla run from the gang and reunite with Bloom and Stella. The gang has them cornered when Faragonda and Griselda appear. They put the gang to sleep and return to Alfea with the Winx and the pixies.

Griselda gets angry at Stella, Musa, and Layla for skipping class and leaving the realm without permission. Faragonda punishes them, as well as Bloom (presumably for not trying to stop them) by making them clean the entire school. Flora visits Layla during the detention and tells her that she is in love with Helia but is unable to make the first move.