Fire and Ice
Season 1, Episode 26
Episode Information
Production Code 126
4Kids Title Fire and Ice
Air Date 11 December 2004
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The Great Witch Invasion
Back to School
Fire and Ice is the 26th and final episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by The Great Witch Invasion and followed by Back to School.


The fairies, heroes, and witches are ready for the final battle against the Trix and their Army of Decay.

Icy plans on putting Stormy in charge of Alfea once they win, and Darcy in charge of Red Fountain. They arrive at Alfea, and the final battle begins. It isn't long before Bloom arrives and fights Icy in an epic battle. While running from monsters, Kiko flies away with Peppy. Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna fight Stormy and Darcy, but their attacks aren't enough to defeat the two witches. Icy traps Bloom in a ball of ice and smashes it, but she easily escapes. Icy sends Bloom into the lake and freezes it, but she re-emerges from the ice with a fiery aura. Icy summons all her dragon power for a final attack and freezes Bloom.

Stormy sends a tornado at Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna, and it captures Flora, but all four combine their powers and take control of the tornado, sending it at Darcy and Stormy, sending them falling where Faragonda and Griffin imprison them in a spike ball. With their defeat, all of their decay monsters are destroyed, but Icy's monsters still remain.

Bloom melts her icy prison with dragon fire and unleashes a powerful dragon fire attack on Icy, knocking her out and destroying all her monsters. The dark clouds disappear, and everyone in Magix is returned to normal.

Griffin wishes she hadn't let the Trix into Cloud Tower and wants to quit, but Faragonda tells her not to, as she is the best in her field. The council will restore Red Fountain. Knut becomes janitor at Alfea, and Mirta will be an exchange student there. Lucy still thinks she's a loser, but Flora tells her not to let Lucy get her down. Griffin and the witches return to Cloud Tower. Before Griffin enters the portal, she tells Faragonda that she will send the Trix to a do-gooder boot camp. Everything there is terribly cute, so the Trix will be miserable there. As the Trix are taken into the portal, Icy says she's not done with Bloom. Peppy the duck runs into the portal after her before it closes.

Due to the way everyone battled the Army of Decay, Faragonda cancels final exams and has the fairies pass with honors. A party is held in celebration of the victory.


  • The Trix are defeated and imprisoned in Light Haven