Date with Disaster
Season 1, Episode 5
Episode Information
Production Code 105
4Kids Title The Voice of Nature
Air Date 17 July 2004 (4Kids)
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The Voice of Nature
Secret Guardian
Date with Disaster is the fifth episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by The Voice of Nature and followed by Secret Guardian.


When the Winx try to make a good judgment potion, Sky invites Stella to meet at the Black Lagoon Cafe. Stella gives her ring to Bloom to look after since she usually casts love spells when she has it and is sure she won't need to. They burn the flipweed, to which Griselda clears up the smoke and makes the Winx cook dinner tonight. However, she never says they can't finish the potion.

The invitation from Sky turns out to be a trap by the Trix, in an attempt to steal Stella's ring, as well as breaking her heart.

After Bloom takes the potion, Stella returns from her date in a rage, but pretends everything is fine. She avoids some questions, however, and the others know something is wrong.

Bloom looks for Stella, and when she finds her, Stella is acting strange and demands to know where her ring is. Bloom says she has the ring, and Stella tries to force her to give it to her. When the others appear, Stella flies out the window. Due to the potion, Bloom knows Stella is in some kind of danger, and they figure someone put a spell on her.

First Bloom, Flora, Musa, and Tecna go to Red Fountain to talk to Sky, and he says he never sent the invitation, and wouldn't be able to go with Stella if he wanted to because since losing the troll the specialists are being punished by cleaning the animals in the stables, and they can't leave Red Fountain. The one in charge is Codatorta the Terrible.

After searching through Magix, the Winx find the Black Lagoon Cafe with help from a mysterious hipster. Stella appears and attacks them, and when she calls them "pixies", Bloom realizes that she is one of the Trix. "Stella" reveals her true identity to be Darcy, and Icy and Stormy appear. The hipster turns out to be Knut. The four Winx transform to fight the Trix, but the Trix have Stella trapped, and their spell will get tighter and kill her unless Bloom gives them the ring. Although the others want to fight the Trix, Bloom knows Stella will most likely be killed if they do, so she gives the ring to the Trix. The Trix release Stella, turn the ring into the scepter, and leave with Knut.

Afterward, the Winx realize that Bloom got the potion wrong, and the fact that she still made the good decisions indicates that she's a natural good decision maker.


  • The Trix get Stella's ring