Countess Cassandra is a villain in Season 3 of Winx Club. She is the mother of Chimera, and an enemy of Stella.

Cassandra became engaged to King Radius on Solaria. However, she and Chimera dislike Stella. Baltor allied with them, giving them the power to remove Stella in exchange for their allegiance and showing them the power of Solaria for him to absorb. Cassandra put Radius under a spell to make him turn on Stella after Chimera turned her into a monster.

Due to Cassandra's spell, she was able to make royal proclamations, acting as though she was queen already, and made Chimera princess of Solaria in Stella's place. Stella broke Cassandra's spell on Radius, but when he expressed disapproval of her making a negative comment about Stella and imprisoning his royal birds, she cast her spell on him again. As Radius and Cassandra were about to be married, the Winx crashed the wedding. Stella defeated Chimera and Cassandra, who were then tied up and thrown in the dungeon by Radius once he was restored to his old self.

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