Biker Chick Wedding Crashers is the 19th episode of Season 1 of Winx Club, and the 71st episode overall. It was preceded by Day at the Museum and followed by Little Big Shots.


Cassandra and Chimera's plans to take over Solaria as queen and princess are still underway. After King Radius shows disapproval to to Cassandra imprisoning his doves and making a negative comment about Stella, it is announced that Cassandra and Radius's wedding will take place tomorrow and Radius will have armed guards. Stella suspects he fell under Cassandra's spell again and decides to crash the wedding.

Baltor decides to go back to Alfea once the box is fully loaded with all the spells.

Stella asks for details about the wedding, and when Nova mentions it is circus themed and there will be flying bikers, Stella is convinced that Cassandra put another spell on Radius. The Winx decide to crash the wedding as flying bikers. The specialists teach them how to ride well enough to fool the guards. Helia tells Riven from Flora that Musa it thinking about breaking up with him.

The Winx and specialists go to Solaria and defeat the guards and bikers. The Winx take the bikes and are able to fool the guards at the gates. When the wedding begins, Stella announces to the crowd that Cassandra put her father under a spell with with Baltor's magic, pointing out Baltor's mark on Radius's neck. Cassandra sends the guards after Stella, but she and the others transform. While the others fight the guards, Cassandra takes Radius upstairs to continue the wedding. Stella fights Chimera, who calls her a loser. Stella blasts Chimera with a fireball, breaking her staff. Then she gets Cassandra to the ground and breaks her spell on Radius with Fairy Dust.

Radius has Cassandra and Chimera imprisoned in the dungeon, and Solaria is free again. Stella suggests that since Fairy Dust can break Baltor's spells, it might be the key to defeating him.


  • Cassandra puts Radius under another spell, but Stella breaks the spell again
  • Chimera and Cassandra are defeated by Stella and imprisoned by Radius

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