Battle for Alfea
Season 1, Episode 24
Episode Information
Production Code 124
4Kids Title Battle for Alfea
Air Date 27 November 2004
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The Search for the Flame
The Great Witch Invasion
Battle for Alfea is the 24th episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by The Search for the Flame and followed by The Great Witch Invasion.


Bloom and Sky's bike is broken, so they must walk the rest of the way to Alfea.

At Alfea, Faragonda, Saladin, Codatorta, and the others talk about the upcoming invasion. Codatorta is negative, but Faragonda is confident because the fairies and specialists are working well together and doing pep rallies. Then Stella, Brandon, RivenGriffin, and Knut arrive with the Cloud Tower witches.

Bloom feels helpless without her dragon fire, which was the only thing separating the "earth girl" from the last princess of Sparks. Sky reminds her that when she found out his true identity she said it didn't change who he was, and nothing can change who she is.

The Trix are watching Bloom, but decide not to pay attention to her anymore, as she is not a threat without her dragon fire.

Faragonda tells Saladin, Codatorta, and Griffin that the Trix are descended from the Ancient Witches. Descendants of those witches are banned from the schools of Magix, but the Trix got into Cloud Tower by lying to Griffin.

The Army of Decay arrives. The fairies, specialists, and witches, including Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Brandon, Riven, and Timmy, fight them, but whenever the bigger ones are destroyed, they regenerate, and often multiply or get stronger.

After falling asleep for a few hours, Bloom and Sky continue their walk to Alfea, and Bloom hears Daphne calling out to her, telling her to go to Lake Roccaluce.

The Army of Decay pulls back for reasons no one can figure out. Faragonda, Saladin, Codatorta, and Griffin decide that the only way to stop the army forever is to defeat the Trix.

Brandon says he's going to become a knight one day, as he is currently a squire, but Stella doesn't care what he is, she still loves him. Faragonda holds an assembly to attack the Trix, when the full Army of Decay returns. There are thousands of them.

Bloom and Sky separate, Bloom going to Lake Roccaluce like Daphne said, while telling Sky to go to Magix.

The Battle for Alfea resumes. Some monsters destroy Alfea's tower. Faragonda, Griffin, the fairies, and witches combine their magic into one attack and destroy the Army of Decay. Enraged, the Trix decide to attack Alfea themselves.

Sky gets to Magix to find it deserted, while Bloom reaches Lake Roccaluce and tels Daphne she is ready for her destiny.