Voiced By

Ludovica Marineo (Original/Italian)







First Appearance

season 1 episode 9: Riven's Betrayal (Original)
Betrayed! (Cinelume)

Barbatea is the Alfea school librarian.


Season 1

Barbatea made her debut in the ninth episode of the first season. When Bloom was doing research on Daphne in Alfea's school library, Bloom accidentally calls out all books related to "Daphne the Nymph" by using the library's research system. Due to so many books flying around, Bloom was unable to stop it. Barbatea soon calls Faragonda, who casts a spell on the books, stopping them. After the accident, Faragonda asks Barbatea to close the school library, without using magic.[1]

Season 3

Barbatea makes a minor appearance in the seventh episode of Season 3. As punishment for leaving the school without permission, Griselda sends the Winx Club to the restricted section of the School Library to organize reference books for Barbatea.[2]

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